Flavored pizza crust

I want to try something different so I have been thinking about doing a flavored crust. How do you put it on the crust (sprinkle/brush it on?) Do any of you folks do a flavored pizza crust? If so what flavors do you do and do you put the flavor on before you bake or when it comes out of the oven where do you get the different spices/flavors to sprinkle/brush on the crust

One place I used to deliver for would brush on garlic butter after it came out of the oven and they had a spice mixture they would sprinkle on. I think there was fresh basil along with other spices.

Worked at a couple different joints. One will be a dead give a way, but we did a sesame crust, garlic butter and parm crust, and it seems like we had one more “crazy crust”. The dust of time has settled on my brain.

Anyway the sesame crust was a light mist of water on the crust before it cooked and then sprinkle with sesame seeds. You will probably have to experiment with that one to get it to turn out.

The other was to brush the crust with garlic butter after it came out of the oven and sprinkle with parm.

Another joint I worked at was a small independent he had a spray bottle with garlic butter and we misted the crust after cooking and the sprinkled garlic salt/parsley combo on crust.