Fleetwood Spiral Dough Mixer?

Does anyone have one of these? Can get a new 50 POUND model for about $1200. Have never heard of this, something I should consider? I want to make our own dough but we are overbudget and looking to save a few thousand on the mixer.

From Ebay posting:

Heavy Duty Tilting Barrel Dough Mixer 50lb Cap. Fleetwood

Heavy duty barrel mixers are ideal cost effective dough mixers. Perfect for pizza and bakery operations were large quantities of dough need to be mixed quickly. Exclusive mixing system with dual shafts does same work as hand mixed, but faster and with less stress and heat. Mixes and kneads all pizza dough, bread cakes, pies and biscuits. Stainless steel titling bowl.

Features Are As Follows:
Safety cage
Hardened resin acrylic white finish
Also Includes:
Stainless steel bowl
1 HP motor
Output: 150lb Per hour

50 pound, 150 pound output per hour? HUH? I’ve never used a spiral mixer, but I’d figure they can’t be slower than an upright mixer on speed 1. So, figure 10 mins per batch? 300 pounds per hour seems more reasonable. I suspect 50 pounds is the ENTIRE batch weight, not the flour weight per batch.

For giggles and googles, try searching for Doyon spiral mixers. I am NOT endorsing them as I have never even seen one in person, but the price might at least either let you feel better about a 1200 dollar mixer or send you running.

Hobart is the gold standard for mixers. I personally can’t believe that there’s not another mixer out there that’s as good or almost as good for less money. However, if the Hobart costs $10k and brandX costs $2k, that’s gotta throw up some red flags.

If your mixer goes down, your shop is in bad shape.

EDIT I looked around and found that this isn’t even a spiral mixer. It’s an odd puppy for sure. But their other type of mixers seem to be in line with less expensive brands such as Globe. Check with Tom Lehmann and see if he’s ever used or seen one of these TYPE of mixers. It looks like one of the old “raffle” barrels :). I also question how easy they are to dump the dough from since the arms are in the middle of the dough by the time it’s mixed.

Turns out the true capacity is only 25 lbs for pizza dough. Certainly an odd looking machine. Right now I just don’t have the space/cash for a $4000 mixer. I need to find an auction where I can get one reasonably.

I can’t think of the name of the auction company up there, but they should have ads in the Post-Dispatch under “auctions” or “restaurant/bar equipment”. The biggest problem are the used restaurant equipment dealers. They’ll be the ones you’re bidding against. The other thing is to make sure you can GET 3-phase power (you can always buy a phase converter if you have to). Even a used Hobart 60 quart is going to run 2500-4000 at auction (once you add the buyers premium). Also don’t forget ebay AND sniping :).