I had a guy approach me that will hang for 5 cents each,
thats 50.00 for a thousand.
I am making it my lead drivers resposibility through out the night to drive each street and make sure that they get down, if he see a street thats missed he calls him and I immediatly to let them know. he gets paid the following day!

I don’t think you’ll be happy w/the results…

too cheap for serious quality…

its that time/space continuim thing…

I am not putting faith in it but we shall see!
he is passing out I have top notch Quality doorhangers

Hey Redbarn

I was going to post this up, but this seem to be the best place. A neighbor has two sons involved in Honor Society and part of the responsibilities is community service hours. They actually came over and helped me move 8 yards of rock last weekend.

I asked about doorhanging and it appears this would also work for community service, plus it is free. Might be something to check into.

Also you could look at local scounting groups etc.

He either doesn’t know what it means, and will do it for a few days to a week and then back out of it…or else it is a planned bailout - he’ll do some for show and chuck the rest then try to get paid.
Do the math - if he’s FAST, 1000 could take 12 hours (or two people 6 hours) right? So he’s gonna make a whopping $4/hour. Or if it’s larger lots, with some drives between dense neighborhoods, it could go as low as $2.50/hr.

Might as well give it a shot, but I’d expect poor or short-term results and watch that your fliers don’t get trashed.

I take the approach where doorhanging or flyering, is like passing a car on a road. If you’re going to do it, don’t do it half a**ed. You should NEVER allow one person to go it alone to doorhang.

We’ve found that teams of 3 or 6 work best. You have 1 or 2 groups of three go out. The one guy is the driver and the other two are your hangers. The driver will try and make it as easy as possible for your hangers by driving them up a steep hill and letting them walk down. When the driver is not needed he either does newspaper boxes or does an ajoining street.

When you have a group go out they all keep each other motivated and ensures a quick pace. Sending out a single is nothing but trouble.

Who is your printing company? Mine is Best Choice Printing in Michigan and wanted to see if there are better choices out there.