I need a little help. I finally got the initial layout done but how do I know I have everything that meets current codes…like if I can have single use bathrooms and fire codes.
if there are and design flaws…
also do I need to give the landlord my floor plan for a build out or do I need to tak to an enginneer about blueprints?


It depends on what your city/county codes dept. requires. In my particular situation, achitectural and engineer stamps are not needed on my blueprints if I don’t change any part of the structure. Any walls that are put up can’t extend above 69" in height. If anything is changed structurally or if I put up a single wall, stamps are needed. They’re kinda like gold stamps in a way since it costs so much once you go that route.


My city had a handy list of things I’d need to open a restaurant. A list of licenses and inspections with phones for each department.
I had about the worst possible case:
City required architect AND engineer plans, and then had two different departments (maybe more, I don’t recall) that had to finally approve both the plans and the store before opening.
Needed demolition permit, building permit, sign permit, outdoor dining permit.
Fire required plans and certified installer for full grease hood (note - I have NO FRYER - they required this for a deck pizza oven)
Health department also reviewed plans and required a couple changes
Then there was the beer and wine license. THAT was actually pretty quick, easy, and inexpensive (still surprised about that)!

Bottom line - ask your city or chamber of commerce if they can guide you with a list of requirements for opening…


A general contractor would be able to review for building code, your subs will know their specific codes as well. Building inspector or building department may be willing to do a ‘pre-construction conference’ to take a quick look at the plans, and inspect the site for general appropriateness. Our local inspector did that for me, and gave us the heads up on a couple added items for repair.

had to talk to building, health, and fire department before came up with plans, and neede architect stamp without any building just for change of use.I had the same problem w/ hood for deck oven.