floor plan help?

in the process of opening a 1300 sq ft store and was wondering what sqft should go to the kitchen and about how many seats?

Give me the inside dimensions of your building, where doors are where any existing rest rooms are located and your proposed menu and we will do a floor plan for you

George mills


In my experience I’ve found that you can squeeze a kitchen area (slap table, makeline, oven, cut table) into a space as small as 200 sq. feet and still be very comfortable. Of course, tht’s just production area. You’ll also want to have a dishwashing/janitorial area consisting of apprx. 80 sq. feet. Then you’ll need a prep/dry storage area where you can squeeze it into approx. 120 sq. feet. Don’t forget about the walk in that takes up about 80 square feet. Let’s add 'em up:

  1. production area…200’
  2. dishwashing/janitorial…80’
  3. prep/dry storage…120’
  4. walk in cooler…80’

Total kitchen area…480 square feet

Of course, this is only an estimate. You’ve still got to figure out how to squeeze it into something that flows for you. Given these numbers and taking into consideration there will be a little dead space I’m lead to believe that you’d have about 800 square feet remaining for restrooms, dining, and front counter area. -J_r0kk

Sorry George, didn’t mean to step on your toes there. Looks like you posted the same time as me.

my 1st shop was less than 500 sq’ - it had no seating, just a DelCo…we stacked everything high and under the ovens…no walk-in either…

480 here (delco)
expanding to dine in
we are in the process of building a brand new unit
we have a land lease and we built our own little barn
now that our land has been sold, we are working out a deal with the new owners who want to put up a strip center.
so will be asking ALOT
also it gets worse
all summer we will be working from a trailor (no disrespect Otis)
while construction is going on

thankyou for your responses very helpful . a little more detail on my place the inside dimensions are 26x50. so if my kitchen is 500 sq.ft. that leaves me with 800 sq.ft. for the pizza oven,counter,pizza prep table. do you think i could get 30 seats table and booth mix.or will there be enough spaces for 30 seats and make the kitchen bigger.the restrooms will be off to the side and not included in the 1300 sqft.i forgot to sign in last time.