Flooring in the kitchen

Can anyone give me advice on the best flooring to use in the kitchen in your opinion… I would appreciat it

whats there now?

I’m not sure what the best is, but I’ll share my opinion on what NOT to use. To save a couple thousand dollars, I opted to go with commercial vinyl. Although it looked good immediately after it was put in, in less than a year, there are nicks all over the place.

Tile, Tile, Tile. Ours has been there 12 years, still looks good and cleans well.

I loved the terra cota tile we had in our last place. Had they installed it correctly and sealed it, that would have been an incredible floor.

We now have an epoxy coating floor and love it. The positives are the ease of cleaning, traction when using the grit included, ease of installation myself, affordability, grease and heat resistant, attractive. The negatives are will form cracks on uneven concrete joints, chips when sharp corners fall on it, dragged equipment will score it, slick like wet glass if not gritted well, will not adhere if surface is not extremely clean.

We will use this flooring in other areas of the business when we get those floors prepped. We would prefer the tile, but the expense and/or extra effort to install myself will lead me to something else first. If we had money to do it all, we would go with the tile and seal it well. Love the look and the performance of it.

It is a new lease for us, so there is carpet currently in the space. Concrete underneath.

garage floor paint w/ no skid added we use a shop vac and mop to clean

:cry: In minnesota the state made me use quarry tile and grout. Ive been open for 1 week in our new location
and the flour is part of the floor already… I guess they never owned a pizza place… It is impossible to sweep,
Mr. government stay out of it your going to wreck everything!!! dont tell me its more sanitary than vct.
get out from behind your desk and sweep my floor than tell me…
also quarry tile was abaut 4000.00 more expensive! State of minnesota do you have a friend in the quarry tile buisness???

                              MMMMMMMMMMMM PIZZA FOR SUPPER!!!!

tear up the carpet,and there you go,the best flooring you can ever have in any kitchen.
its what i have and will never change it, i dont care what any one says or tries to do about it.

Plain old concrete is porous and unsanitary for a kitchen unless it is sealed properly.