Also looking for floor ideas
Vinyl plank polished concrete are other ideas

Quarry tile is best.

George Mills

I have almost 3000 sq. Ft trying not to blow the budget

Are you talking about kitchen or customer areas.

For kitchen, if I had to do a new install I would investigate epoxy coating. We currently have VCT tile. Our VCT in the kitchen has lasted over 17 years, but does not look good except for the first week or so after a waxing, it just looks old but you can tell it is clean so inspector never says anything.

We are a delivery / carryout place and we just did the front with ceramic tile which is nice and easy to clean, durable, but breaks things that are dropped on it such as phones, glass jars and bottles, coffee mugs etc. it is a tradeoff

I agree… also I don’t remember quarry being any more expensive than most other options. Been a while though.

Flooring is 75% labor cost. The actual tile is just nickles and dimes.

What does anybody know about epoxy floors

We just got our floors done epoxy and we love it. The stuff seals up all the corners real nice to keep the health department happy and is pretty much indestructible. We have slid mixers, tables, and refrigerators across it without any damage. It also doesn’t turn into a slip and slide when wet which is a big plus. You can probably do the application yourself as it is literally like painting. All the work is in prepping the floor beforehand.

Send me a picture Mondo. I want to see it.

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Yes, please post a picture as I’m thinking about going with this for my new building.

has anyone used a company that does the epoxy over the existing floor overnight…I am sure it is not cheap but that looks incredible


I was physically excited watching that- wow. Rather not know the cost, though!

I pay about $13 a square foot for the sealed floor. But that’s with a nice clean slab to start demo and overnight stuff will add to that.

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the best part is it I find somebody to do this at a reasonable cost I can actually use the floor drains in my kitchen that the asshats installed without any pitch!