Flour @ $20

Received an order this morning @ flour came in at $19.55/50# bag. What does it look like for you?

same here from the major food distributors
I buy flour from a bakery company, mainly because they have the brand I want,
it is about 15% less price,

Last month I paid $10.67 for a 25 pound bag and yesterday the price was down
to $9.20 per bag. Wish cheese would come down

all trumps $16.10 50#bags

I just stopped by a distributor and picked up a 50# bag of King Arthur Special for $17.75. What brand/type of flour are you using?

We got notice a week ago of the cost increase of flour from 7th January from $22.50 a 50kg bag to $29.80.


all trumps 25# 8.72

$19.87 for a 50# bag here but hey, cheese was 11 cents a pound cheaper this week.

Week by week…

And from what it looks like, California has had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year so with a little luck, we should begin seeing a drop in our tomato product prices too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

$8-9-10.00 per bushel…more than double a year or so ago…

delivered flour pricing is not fair to “chat” about - distributor pricing is based on their on hand inventory versus their next PO inventory…
good distributors contract 30-60 days out and no more…
14.00-15.00 per 50# right now in north dakota- where the best spring wheat/durum are grown -and Canada is very good quality as well

ask your rep for a educated guess as to what they think is your best bet - market goes down(good luck!) - look at cheese - came down 30 cents a pound in 2 weeks and then up again 14 cents the week of 1-1-08 - I am convinced that the people who manage the CME are in cahoots with the major fuel suppliers…it is such a racket
best bet=raise your pizza price every 4 months - even 1-2 % per pizza and topping

you have no choice if you want to survive

Full Strength - 50# - $14.95

For a curious outsider - what is a typical cost of mozzarella per lb in shredded form?

looks like the price is going higher
wheat traded up limit 30 cents today,