flour advice please!!!

hello there…

im a newbie… and i want to make a good Neapoletan pie, here in Chile…

its very difficult for me to get Caputo, because there are no dealers of it in southamerica …

so far, i’ve found these 2…
could anyone tell me what do you think? as far as the numbers go?




and also this one …

http://www.laestampa.com/productos/hari … iento.html (but i think the ones from the top are more AVPN caputo 00… in terms of numbers )

thanks :slight_smile:

All of the flours shown appear to be quite similar with only changes in particle size (also common in Mexican flours). If I had to pick one for making your pizzas I would choose the first one listed (harina fina). The protein content is higher than that of Caputo, but the falling number and absorption values indicate that it should be able to tolerate fermentation quite well so you should be able to manage the dough through your cooler for at least two or three days.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks Tom!!

what about the differences between values… ? isn’t a bit high? like, that you wouldn’t know what to expect each time a bag is opened? or are they acceptable ?

I would assume that the flour would be the same/similar from bag to bag. The differences are only reflecting the difference in flour type.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

hello tom…

i’ve been wanting to ask you something.

the “La Estampa” flour turned out to be more recommended by some baker friends, than the “Balmaceda”

so in the “La Estampa” flours…

in your opinion, which one is more “Napoletana” ?

http://www.laestampa.com/images/bullet3.gif HARINA FUERTE
Glúten Húmedo (%)26 - 29
Proteína (%)9.5 - 10.5
Alveograma210 - 260
P/L1 – 1.8
Estabilidad (min.)10
Absorción (%)56 - 60
http://www.laestampa.com/images/bullet3.gif HARINA EXTRA FUERTE
Glúten Húmedo (%)30 - 35
Proteína (%)11.5 - 13.5
Alveograma300 - 360
P/L1.4 – 1.9
Estabilidad (min.)16
Absorción (%)60 - 64

the AVPN specs are W: 250-320, %proteins: 11,5%-13.5, absorption: 55-60, stability 6’-12’, etc.

and none of this are even close… the ideal flour s in between haha…

is the “Fina Especial” (http://www.molinobalmaceda.cl/harina_FEB.html) still better for neapolitan pies than these two?

what do you think??

thanks for your help!!

I started out using Caputo but switched 18 months ago to 5 Stagioni (seasons). The consistency bag to bag is identical. Caputo was not consistent at all - I’m in Australia so I don’t know what the cause was but yeah. Try get a bag and see what you think. I use the napoletana variation.

After reviewing the other flours presented here, I’ll still stick with Harina Fina Especial for your specific application. This is based on the premise that you will be baking the pizzas in a wood fired oven (WFO) at 700 to 800F/371 to 426.6C or in a deck oven operating at at least 600F/315.5C with all baking done directly on the oven deck.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

yes tom, is for a WFO!

thanks for your advice!

i will try to compare them with caputo, and will let you know the results