flour price

what are you paying for a 50 pound bag of flour? i use all trump paying 17.75 a bag using 25 bags a week.

You better stock up - one of my vendors came in over $27 this week. That may not be the top either.

You will be paying over $25 in the next few weeks.

I use Kyrol High Gluten I paid 18.75 this week for 50# bag. Heard that next week $6.00 pop. Spoke to one of my distributors and said that he spoke to the people at Con Agra. Said that there is no end in sight expect as high as $50. per bag. I am just repeating what I heard. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but thats what I was told.

my guy told me to stock up this week b/c next week will be close to $30

Finally there is something I get cheaper here in Canada than you folks. I paid $12.22 for 50#s this week actually I paid $10.75 for 20kGs.