Flour Prices Dropping?

Noticed that my #25 bags have gone down about 10% over the last two weeks. Could cheese prices be next? :lol:

I would stock up a bit…the news is all about low yield wheat crops around here. Now I am not buying so I am really curious what others are seeing? :?:

Wheat futures have come down recently. I’m pretty sure it’s Spring Wheat that gets used to make high-gluten flour? Probably a better chart out there on barchart.com.

Also, cheese has fallen over $.10 this week. So there is a bit more relief on the way.

Still, I’m not expecting prices to go all the way back down to where they’ve in year’s past - at least not in the foreseeable future. That’s why I’m biting the bullet and increasing prices before the end of this month. Hopefully dropping commodity prices and higher menu prices will meet in the fantasy land known as “profitability.”

Is there a way to know if they’ll continue to trend downward? I’d love to fill fill flour “nook” if I knew where the market was going to go.

Indie when you figure out how to anticipate the ups and downs in futures… well it is time to retire with a bunch of gold bars in the basement! Wasn’t it Trading Places… movie way back when… Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd and the OJ report! :mrgreen:

I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet, with wet weather delaying a good deal of the spring wheat plantings this year, and flooding prohibiting the planting of, or destroying spring wheat fields, the jury is still out on just what this years spring wheat harvest will look like (both U.S. and Canada). My gut feeling is that there will be a short fall in the spring wheat crop this year, and combined with the rather poor harvest of winter wheat, this is bound to result in higher prices. The next month or so should tell the story.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Right, I asked that question wrong. I was wondering how to predict movement based on the same process we can see if cheese moves up and down. What’s the lag time on flour (wheat)? And, is the link above the best source to look at the market?

Indie I just busting your dough-balls! :stuck_out_tongue:

The sad thing about wheat and flour pricing is that the price is driven, to a great extent by speculation, much in the same way as oil and gas prices are. If it looks like a shortfall, prices are doomed to rise, if it is a bumper crop, hopefully they will drop, but never as fast as they rise, this is the same story as for gasoline.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Might be time for some “nookie.”

The spring wheat harvest is underway, but behind schedule for previous years, probably due to the late planting of a good deal of the crop this past spring. Reports are that the crop is looking good, so that is a good sign. Export tenders for wheat appear to be a bit off so far this year, and I’m betting that this has eased the pressure, at least for now, on the existing wheat stocks, hence lower or more stable prices for wheat/flour. How long this will last is anybody’s guess, so enjoy it while you can.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

At least cheese went down 12.5 cents today! Hooray!

Cheese down another 12 cents over the past two days!

Flour is still climbing though lower cheese prices should bring some sweet, sweet relief.

yet my cheese price is the same

It’s like gas prices as oil goes up and down. The retailers are quick to raise their prices, because oil went up, and then as it falls…they take their sweet time coming back down. Gas thismorning is at $3.49. It was about $3.69 for many weeks…but even as oil keeps fallng… we just stay the same. I forget…what country do we import our cheese from? :shock:

Another 5 cents today. The block market is really crashing (correcting) now!

My price is set to wherever the distributor bought the current truckload of cheese, so it can stay high for several weeks while the market is dropping or stay low when it climbs. I’m hoping my next price change catches some of this market drop - the last truck must have been bought near the top.