Flour recall

E. coli-tainted flour from General Mills has sickened 46 people in 21 states and prompted about 45 million pounds of it to be recalled.

Do you have any information on lot numbers for this recall? We use General Mills All Trumps Bakers High Gluten Enriched Bromated Flour Bleached

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Here’s the link everyone:


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All trumps seems to be safe as far as that list goes…

Sysco called me over a month ago saying I got tainted flour, but I had already used it

Any complaints because of it?

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No illnesses reported, luckily

Internal temperature of 165F will kill the ecoli. There is a good possibility you were safe with fully cooked pizzas. Take and Bake could be a problem.

That’s a great point

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Think about how big of a bullet that I dodged with this!

Because if an E-Coli outbreak would have been traced back to me, it would have made front page news, and a month later when I get cleared of wrongdoing, the news wouldn’t bother , or if they did, it’d be buried someplace.

My inspector is not the most knowledgeable person in the world, and she has been difficult with her trying to make up her own set of rules at many places.