Let’s talk Flour! I have been watching the price of wheat fall but as an end user- No movement! We use a High Gluten flour- Pendleton Mills Power Flour 32 pound…we currently pay $14.40 per 32 pound bag. This equals 45 cents per pound. If I used a 50 pound bag this would equal $22.50. How much are you paying for flour? Thanks!

we use high gluten from goldmdl and it was 22 something, just switched to luigi. so far i cant tell the difference, same end product and its $4 a bag cheaper

We’re using All Trumps 25# bags and paying $11.19 right now. Thinking of looking around a bit if the prices don’t start to get back to where they “should” be.

You’re not likely to see much of a difference in price in the price of flour until you get an order large enough to buy directly from the milling company in bulk 20,000-pound shipments, and then where would you put it? Remember, no bags, boxes, or cans, just a truck load of flour. Something to watch this year is the cost of semolina flour, or the end product in which it is used, pasta. Since so much of the recent flooding has destroyed the durum growing fields, the price of durum wheat is sky rocketing, and the price paid for durum semolina pasta is right behind it if you haven’t already experienced pasta price increases, be prepared, it is soon to come.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

It’ll pair nicely with our gold plated cheese in the baked pasta dishes.

A big operation like Nick’s would probably go through a few trucks a month??? :lol: