Floury crust, how come?

We have a deck oven and initially we used to bake our pizzas on disks but after some training we finally moved everyone to not using disks and using the peel instead.

When the dough is hand-stretched, we sprinkle flour on the peel, add the toppings and then the pizza goes in the oven.

My problem is, after tasting the crust, there are some places where it feels/tastes like flour. In some spots you can even remove this excess flour with your finger.

We try hard to put just the minimum amount of flour on the peel but I still get this unpleasant result.

The most obvious cause of this is the flour we put on the peel but I’m beggining to suspect it might also be the mixture of oil and flour that results of passing the dough ball in flour before stretching.

  • Is it possible that we are putting a lot of oil on our dough balls such that it is affecting them ? (either by later absorving too much flour or something else)

  • Are there any tricks/tips that we can use to avoid pizzas sticking to the peel before going into the oven ? (sadly we can’t find corn meal in our city)

  • What is the recommended amount/type of oil to put over the dough balls ? Can we do without oil at all ?

Thanks in advance!

My 16" dough balls also have oil on them. When we pat them out, we sprinkle flour on them, then stretch them over the peel. The excess flour that falls off lands on the peel, so we do not add any more to the peel. This seems to work for us without getting excess flour on the bottom of the crust.

ok what do you mean by flour do you mean a mixtur of semolina flour and regular flour ? well use only semolina flour on your peel does your dough contain high water? look at that 2 you can use a mixture of flour and semolina flour but i prefer semolina only for the peel

Simply stated, you’re using too much flour. This excess flour will also get a bad flavor due to being burned. One way around this is to put the pizza on a screen, let it set up, then move it off the screen. You could also use corn meal instead of flour, less flour, etc.