Flyer printing companies

I just got my flyers in from . I’ve just got one word to say: DAYUM!

Seriously, I’m not lying… they’re awesome. They’re high gloss and actually thicker than I would’ve imagined. Anyway, if anyone’s interested in getting boxtoppers printed relatively cheap, there’s a good source for ya.



What kind of flyers did you have them do? Their price for 2,500 full color tri-fold seems almost too good to be true. Wondering what kind of work they did for you.

I printed boxtoppers. I did the artwork and sent it in to them. They printed and sent it out to me a week later. The boxtoppers are 4.5"x6.5" and really heavy glossy paper. Total was $169 for 5,000


Do they give anything for referrals? Let me know and I’ll use you as one. I just printed 2,000 two-color menus for $160.00. Looks like they can do 2,500 full color menus for $275. I’ll certainly try them out at that price.


Ya know, I’m not sure. If they do referrals, great. My user name on there is Jr0kk. If they don’t, no problem. Helping you out and saving you money is reward enough.


How low can they go?..The prices for full colour printing has dropped bigtime over the past few years…At one time it was a sustantial portion of my business now it almost does not register…RCS…