Flying insects

We Have a light tan color building and now that it has been warm
we get a tremendous amount of insects flying around the outside lighting
and in turn come inside when the door gets opened. What if anything can I
do to get rid of them Thanks for any ideas

two words…

Air Curtain :slight_smile:

Being a restaurant, I refuse to use any sort of bug sprays and the bug zapper lights aren’t really an option for us. Other than the air curtain, I don’t know of any options.

We got one of these…

And mounted it right over the inside of the top door jamb. It works pretty good, but these will not keep them all out. I would estimate we have only about 25% of the problem we had previous to the air curtain.

Try moving the lights slightly to each side of the door.

Actually, Paul came closest to the correct answer. Move the lights to a position AWAY from the building and then point them back at the building. The bugs are attracted to the heat/source of the light, not to what is being illuminated. Along the same lines, if you have a trash container, while it may be convenient to place it close to the back door, it is recommended to move it as far away from the door as possible. As for bug zappers, you have two options,be a hero and buy one to give to your neighbor where the bugs will be attracted to it and away from you’re store, or buy one for yourself and mount it on a pole AWAY from your store as this will pull the bugs away from your building.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tony:

You building may have negative air pressure and insects and dust and street odors are carried in when the doors are opened.

If so, that no doubt could be caused by your exhaust hood extracting more air than is being replaced.

It is best to have your fresh air system bring in a little more air than is being exhausted to keep your building in a slight positive pressure .

George Mills

Thanks guys I will try moving the lights and look into the air curtain

One of our distribution centers was a cold storage facility built in early 1900’s that had underground tunnels to the rivers edge for cutting ice in the winter to bring in for cooler storage and an open 24 spot dock for trucks. Bugs hate cold so not a problem inside but when receiving bulk food items and even sealed frozen meat products… or frozen chicken which is not sealed because of the gases they release for about a week after cooked and iqf’d… the bugs got bad. Thanks to one of our purchasing guys…without really looking at the problem… I came to work one morning and found 6 bright bug lights along my docks wall. Now we had 10 times the bugs and thousands of dead ones all around. Our compund was the main building and then was surrounded by 100 years of additional structures put up in a big “L” shape down one side and across the rear. The other sides were rail tracks and the river. My maintenance guy moved the lights to the farthest building and all the bugs went away. So point of long story… is yes move lights away and bugs follow. I would also agree with the positive air pressure to help keep dust, bugs…etc… out also. With bugs anything that keeps them away is a plus!