foccacia deep dish

I am in a heavely saturated market and every body offers a square deep dish. I am now attempting to offer something different. I am hoping to add a deep dish foccacia to my menu, does any body know what type of ingredients would taste amazing in the dough.

I am also troubled with wether I should do square or round deep dish.
there is only one local guy who does the round deep dish. Thanks for any help.

Thin slices of onion are good in foccacia, olives (maybe Kalamata or Sicilian/specialty olives to make it different than the standard black olive everyone else uses?), different cheses like asagio. Never done these professionally but I have eaten these as I have some italians in the family :slight_smile:

Happy Thanks giving, I apreciate the response. Gotta love Italians, they always seem to eat good food :lol: I like the asiago idea. and the olives. would you mix these ingredients in as I make the dough? or put tem on top as it proofs. thanks.

I did a little googling and came up with this: … t=nc,.html