food allergies

What are the responsibilities of a pizzeria concerning food allergies?? I have a complaint that a customers husband got the wrong pizza and it had onions on it and they had a overnite hospital bill. No pizza left, just the box. I remember not putting any onions on there pizza since they are complainers I usually make there pizzas myself. Said they are contacting an attorney. So far every thing I have seen I should not be responsible since I did not know about the allergy up front. Should I have a disclaimer on my menus??

Your best bet is to ask an attorney informed as to the local and state laws where you operate.

As to service responsibilities, it might be a good idea to put something in your menu/marketing stuff that you will try to accommodate allergies, but it is customer responsibility to protect own health. Then again, the attorney may advise this is a bad idea.

did contact an attorney this afternoon. There is something about consumer responsibility here, meaning that it is the consumers responsibility to inform food places that they have an allergy when they order. He told me if they have an attorney contact me to tell him I am not responsible for the allergies as I was not informed and the customer could not bring me any of the pizza to prove it had onions. Then get the attorneys name, call him, and we will go from there. May get interesting, but that’s life. Anybody will sue you for anything any more. One customer tried to get a free pizza by claiming we baked a fake fingernail in her pizza. Problem is, not one of my employees is allowed to have tips or long nails period. Turns out her granddaughter lost it in the cheese when she grabbed her piece of pizza!!

I just have such a hard time with customers that are so obvious about starting trouble with good honest working people. It sounds to me they are looking to pressure you in to paying for something that had nothing to do with your pizza. What idiot would actually think of eating something that would obviously send them to the hospital? If I am not absolutely sure about something, I won’t let them order it. Its ok to say, “next time I will have it for you.”

I have formed a skin so thick that I if I sense they want trouble, I say to them, listen, talk to my insurance company, here is the claim number, good luck. For the majority, they are full of it and when they realize you give a rat’s as#, they don’t want to deal with insurance claims, too much work.

People are really nuts and they think getting away with fraudulent claims is too easy, so they continue on this crazy journey collecting when ever they sniff a potential claim. Been there too many times to bend over any more, send them to your insurance claim specialists, thats what you pay them for.

This kind of stuff infuriates me, I can’t help but think they are guilty until proven innocent, at least in my place.

yea, ya gotta love it. everybody wants something for nothing and don’t care how they get it. If i made a mistake i’ll gladly admit it and pay for it. it gets me how they just make things up and think you’ll just give in. i make anyone who complains bring the pizza, sub, whatever back so i can see it. i love the ones who call a week later and say the last pizza i got was doughy or not the right toppings----sooo why didn’t you call then and i could have fixed it, i just say if you don’t want to order here again i understand. i’ve had a couple of people that i finally told not to come back since we can’t seem to satisfy them, they order every other day now and not one complaint!!!

hello bjdelight,We have a big picture of a donkeys rear on our wall that everyone gets a 'kick’out of no pun intended,that has a sign over it saying Complaint department speak into my a$$ ! Just thought this was good timing to share this with you…lol


we refer all complaints to our itch department head—Helen Wait --If you gots a problem go to helen wait