Food Cost % for Catering?

Hey all,
I think we all know the food cost % for your regular menu should be around 28-30%
But what about a catering menu? Especially when they order mass quantities?

Examples would be a 1/2 sheet pan of Ravioli for “regular size” Catering or a Full Sheet for “quantity” ordering?

Thanks all!

Are you doing a catering menu or just for a bid? I have a catering menu and the food cost on some things can run as high as 50%. It’s not alway about food cost but gross profit. A tray of BBQ Pork may have a food cost of 40% but put $50 in the bank. My menu has by the pan prices, pick up or delivery.If a person wants a staffed job I give them a per person quote. On those kinds of jobs I ask what there budget is and I build them a menu. My biggest job was $20000+ with a overall food cost of 41%. Make a menu that is fair priced , make money on pasta dishes and salads, give a little on meats dishes. What

It’s a regular Catering menu, I’m looking at portioning everything in 1/2 pan and Full pan sizes for Carry-out and Delivery only… no setting up the party or serving or anything like that.

A few dishes on my menu include:
Chicken Wings
Buffalo Wings
Cheese & Meat Tray
Fresh Veggie Tray
House Salad
Antipasta Salad
Italian Beef (by the pound)
Fettuccine Alfredo
Mashed Potatoes
Cannoli Tray

Items like this… So I should be looking at the 40-50% range for most items… pastas being toward 40% and Italian beef toward 50%?


I think you can get the food cost on your salads at 30% or less.Most people will add a salad without really looking at the price. You pasta and sauce should also have a low food cost. Your meats will have a higher food cost, just don’t give the shop away. I do a stuffed bread tray( pepperoni & cheese strombolis cold) cut up ,it has a good food cost. Think of add-on items the you can make a good profit on , Garlic Bread, Pasta salad, garden salads, chicken fingers, veggie tray, etc…
They will help offset the meats. What