food cost for wings

can anyone give me imput on wing pricing and what your food cost run on average for wings. what do you sell a pound of wings for and how much do you pay for the wings.
thanks, kel

Fresh or Frozen :twisted: ?
I hate living outside the chicken world.
We have a heck of a time getting a good fresh product.

You’ll have to determine your own pricing dependent upon the wings you get.

We buy by the pound and sell by the piece. So we use an average of our 10 piece packages per case for our cost of wings which currently runs us $1.96 for a 10 piece. The rest of the product cost is $.55 (sauce, dressing, portion cup & lid for dressing, celery, wax paper for celery and container)making it $2.51 cost of goods for a 10 piece that we sell @ $5.79

We discount the wings as the order amount rises and there is also COG reduction as you can fit 40 in the same container as a 10 and we don’t provide dressing and celery as a “per 10 piece” portion.

I pay 2.13 a pound, my wings come already seasoned/sauced. We bake them. we get 5.99 for 10 wings they cost me about 1.60 per order give or take a few cents so that’s about a 73 percent markup.

Until the recent prioce explosion for Super Bowl Season, I was paying 1.30 to 1.40 for a pound of fresh 6-9 wings (6 to 9 per pound). I sell my 10 count for 5.50 at a my cost (for whole package of sauce, dressing, package, etc) of about 32%. My food costs improve to 29%-30% on 15, 20+. I sell at multiples of 5, and my per wing price stays pretty level at .55 each up to 40, where I go to about 31% food costs to allow for some minor discounting of volume. I figure my cost per wing be dividing my pound price by 7.5 (average number per pound)

If we are going to talk about pricing and costs of wings, I sincerely ask that we be specific about count per pound and fresh versus frozen. Without this information, the discussion will lack any applicability. Words like “jumbo” and “party size” and “regular” are truly meaningless in comparing prices and costs and food percentages across the stores.

Nick using your assumptions{6 to 9=7.5}they’ve been running closer to 6 for me at $1.40# 21.3oz cost $1.86 + say .55 for the packing and sauce= $2.41/$5.50=43.8% food cost

My apologies. My wing prices up to December were 1.14/lb and that is where my cost is about 1.78 out the door for 10 wings . . . 1.60+.35 . . . 32.2% food cost. More pieces per container does inch my efficiency up. This time of year I take a little beating, then make up for it later in spring and summer.

My assumption is based solely on the product I have and the measurements I have taken with my product. Knowing your product is going to bew key. If your supplier ranges 4 to 6, then your costs will be wayyy different than mine. Same is you get 6-9’s and you consistently get 6. I made price point decisions based on the actual product I have on hand and profit margin desired. If I order 8-12 size, then I would price accordingly . . . and make a better margin to be sure.