food cost goals

I won’t win that race if I don’t run it! :smiley:

And I don’t!

Hello Patriot,I use mostly the same product as yourself and I get 12.95 for an 18’’ pie and 9.95 for a 14’’. W/ topping add another 2.25 and we are in a very competitive area in Phila… Point being is higher prices w/ a good quality product will always outway the competition.Iv’e watched 2 independent pizzerias and a Papa Johns close within the last 2 years of our survival and the customers are very aware of this.

         Food for thought ,stay out of the race for pennies and get in for the $$

The Race

I luv the race!!!

We sell 250+ pies on a friday nite…I’m home by 9 pm…

Its also how you pay the game!!!

We’re ready 2 open another store…so the race continues…

As stated b4, you can’t take %'s 2 the bank, only $$$

We’ve sold more pies @ lower prices @ other locations and been just as successful…

Serve your market…

Re: The Race

One mantra I have that has served me well in life goes: “You can’t win your game playing by someone else’s rules.”

To wit: I gotta figure out what it is that I am doing and what I wantto be in this industry. I develop the identity, brand, products and concept. I decide the budgets, scheduling and price structure of my supplies and finished products. If I let SOMEONE ELSE, some other entity, decide the direction of my business, or be the driving force for my project, then I will have huge problems and fail miserably.

Decide what business model to use, do it well and better than anyone else in your market. If you decide to modify your business model . . . do it because it makes sense in your business plan, marketplace and customer demands. I will not sell $5 large pepperoni pizzas because LC does it . . . I would consider that, thoug, if the customers rose up and demanded it and the processes in the shop would make it plausible.