Food Cost PRO? Anyone here using it?

Wondering if anyone here is using food cost pro? in 2008 I really have to find ways to reduce food cost

Please comment if you use this or similar software>>

biG sAL

Yes I use it and yes it works. It takes some time and effort to put it all together but it is worth it.

FoodCost Pro will help you understand your food cost and control it. If reducing your food cost as a percentage of revenue is your goal, you can do it with the information that FoodCost Pro gives you.

Food cost control requires two separate and distinct efforts – Calculating the cost of every item on your menu and portion control. FoodCost Pro helps you with the first, while the second is your responsibility! Portion control can be as simple as a measured cup of an ingredient, like cheese, to as elaborate as a scale on the make line.

I bought Food Cost Pro about 6 months ago and have never used. I tried twice and just don’t have the time or patience to input all the information. I thought it would be more user friendly.

How unfriendly are we talking about? Just labor intensive doing data entry? You interested in selling it off? I use Excel to manage my food cost information, and could find a database sytem useful . . . but am looking to avoid that “new software price” on this one piece if it is a legal transaction.

FoodCost Pro is extremely easy to use, but that’s not the barrier to using it. To use FoodCost Pro you need to deconstruct every item on your menu, breaking each one down into its ingredients and the weight or volume of each ingredient used in the recipe. You’d need to do exactly the same thing if you were using any other method, like an inventory program, a spreadsheet or an abacus, but I digress.

I’ve seen Big Dave do his food cost control presentation several times. Software isn’t even mentioned until over half way through the seminar because software is not the key! The key to food cost control is knowing what your menu items cost and using the proper amount of each ingredient when preparing a recipe. This is the first part of the seminar and it is presented in a way that you are motivated to do the work to get the information to control your food cost.

Software is a tool. Motivation helps you make it work.

How much does a 12" ham and mushroom cost you tomake what about a 14" pep, bac, ham,beef? I had an idea of what my food cost were but untill you actually figure it out how can you properly run your store? Hey I have been in the business for 8 years and I didnt have this program until 9 months ago and I was doing all right but this helped me do better. I found it very user friendly but it did take me 2 FULL days to measure and weigh and calculate and re weigh and re… well you get it but know that I did the hard work its easy to adjust and change things.