What is everyone using for a Food Costing Program these days? I’ve used Big Daves Food Cost Pro since mid 2009 and haven’t been able to use it since I switched over to MAC as its only compatible with WINDOWS OS. Liked it a lot as it gave me the info i needed. Any suggestions for whats working well for everyone? With these times of mandatory wage hikes ( our min wage is $12.15/hr) dairy and other ingredients going crazy, we’ve got to know when and how much to raise our menu prices to either break even with the cost increases or make a little more for a rainy day fund. Thanks in advance for some guidance with this.

We’ve never used a program. My brother created an excel doc with all food costs and a bunch of formulas to show us our profit on each item. I’d recommend the program you were using to him, but, he just got a Mac!

Maybe purchase a cheap windows laptop to continue the program use?