food cost

anyone that uses a spreadsheet, how often do you update your food cost
It seems EVERYWEEK is a natural disaster and item x is trippled
tyson wings in my area was 9.99 today they are 15.99?

that is something I check with every invoice, if I find something out of whack… like your wings I get on the horn with my purveyor and ask why.

Yes definately watch and monitor your invoices. I didn’t for awhile and lost alot of money. I ended up switching distributors over it.

I am new and still learning the ropes in preparation for our opening. I seem to see this a lot with prices and vendor jacking them up.

What is the deal, are they all crooks out to pick your pocket. I can understand and increase due to something that is factual, but just to pad the paycheck.

Is this a typical thing for all vendors are just some companies/sales reps?

spread sheets are only part of the accounting equation…

Actually, I use QuickBooks to generate P & L’s etc, in conjuction w/a spreadsheet…

QB does a great/better job of tracking invoices/pricing…

An basic accounting background will help when you “crunch” the #'s…

good sales people/companies won’t jack the prices w/o cause…

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I read over my invoices closely with each delivery, and am keely aware of pricing for my key items like cheese, dough and wings. I use EXCEL to generate my orders, so I see what last week was versus what comes in on the current invoice.

I only get alarmed with a trend of increases in pricing as many items do go up and down each month.

we check our invoices every time. we also use a program called chefteck that tracks items prices per invoice so I can go to my food rep a say “flour has increased 20% in the last week…why?” Since our rep knows it tracks increases there have been increases only when the commodity goes up.