food cost ??

what are people running for foodcost? i can not seem to get mine in line even with raising my prices.

thanks for any help

what size is your large pizza?
i think your prices are very low.but i am not sure about your portion sizes.
i get $2.50 per topping on a 16" pizza at a starting point of $10.95,and i am cheaper than all of my competition

Did you raise your prices? The prices on your website are the exact same as the last time you posted about this.

To keep cost % in line with rising prices, you have to raise your prices by about 4X the recipe cost increase. With cheese up by over a $1 a pound and other price increases that means you have had to raise prices on a typical large pizza by $4 to keep the % in line.

I know most of us have been raising prices but I have not heard of anyone going for a $4 increase.

My cost for the 12 months ending June 30 was 29.6% including all food, supplies and papergoods.

If your having trouble or wide flucuations with food costs - are you accounting for waste?
Have you looked at your give-aways or discounts?
Ask your main vendor to help you with your pricing and food cost - most of them have easy to use worksheets or programs now to use - they want to help you increase your business cuz it helps them increase their business!!

How about employee meals?
How much do you take home for the family?? or how often do they come there?
Make sure you pull some of those items out when your analyzing your food costs.

bodegahwy -
WOW - looks like you have a great handle on this - great job!!
How is your labor percentage??


My labor is 32.5% including all taxes, unemployment and payroll processing expenses. Work comp is another .8 on top of that for a total of 33.3% We are in a high wage area. That wage includes a general manager which I would not need if I worked in the restaurant.

If I ran the place myself without the manager, non-owner labor cost would be 24.6% so my manager costs me about 8% of sales.


The store that I’m currently running has the lowest sales of the bunch so it’s been a little harder to keep food costs in line. We typically run about 30-31% at our other stores, but in this store we’re flirting with 34% food costs. Straight up hourly labor (not including all the associated costs like bode put in) runs about 14% while managers are an additional 6-7%. I consider all of these to be too high, but it’s offset by a low rent relative to sales and some other curbing of operating expenses.