we are about a 2500.00 account ( a week)
is this enough to get any kind of attention?
just curious

That is $130k a year so I would say someone would pay attention. I know my suppier wouldn’t want to loose those sales.

That depends on what you mean by “attention”. You should certainly be getting good service at that level and some deals on your key items it you work it but that is not enough to get into the high volume pricing. My understanding is that they want to see several times that level… i.e. about a million in annual purchases to get some of the pricing I have seen big outfits get. I know that the multi location businesses where I know people well enough to talk pricing are getting about 10% lower pricing than I am on many items. I also know that the pricing movement mostly does not come from the distributor, it comes from the broker and the source. I have been able to get some items to move $2-3 per case by shopping them, but it always has to go to the broker. The dsitributor has been able to get me 50 cents or a dollar here and there. My volume is more like 170K