Food Grade Plastic Sheet

I am wondering if any of you can provide a sourch for food grade plastic sheets. They would be used to cover the dough balls while they are on the table to prevent drying. One of the other pizza stores in town called in a panic looking for a source because the health inspector told him he can not use the plastic drop sheets he has been using for years. The ideal size would be 4’ x 8’.

turn a dough tray upside down over them…pretty air-tight for short term…

Thanks for the suggestion but the operation this guy has doesn’t require dough trays he pans the dough after letting it rise on the table.

Maybe he could get in touch with the produce buyer from his supplier and they could find out where the lettuce packers get those big bags they line the cases of lettuce with? He could then just split the bags open and use them with no complaint from the inspector.

Check with your distributor to see if they have the food contact approved plastic bags. I stand to be corrected on this, but I think GFS might have them in a size to slip over an 18 X 26 bun pan, if you cut this size open, it should be large enough to cover a good number of dough balls, or, if you really want to go for broke, contact Mobil Chemical Co (Films Division) at 888-211-8076. They sell the stuff by the roll for use in pillow packers (hamburger bun packaging), then you would have enough to last for a very long time I am sure. Or, check with a local BAKERY INGREDIENTS supplier to see if they carry any of the roll stock in inventory. If you go this route, look for something of about a 2.0-mil thickness. This will be about the film weight of a typical bread bag.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor