Food Order- No Show

I order every Monday for Tuesday delivery and Thursday for Friday delivery from Roma.

My rep was having computer issues on Monday and had to write my order down. He said he would submit it when his computer was working.

I came in to the shop on Tuesday and the order hadn’t been delivered, so I called my rep. He forgot to submit it. Shouldn’t someone have caught this? I have had this same order schedule for the last 18 months.

My order is being delivered today. We didn’t run out of anything, we have been slower the last couple days.

I have had issues with Roma at least once a month something is wrong. I don’t want to switch. I like their products and prices and don’t want to deal with the hassle switching suppliers. I tried to get prices from US Foods and the rep came and met with me, never heard from him again. I guess my $3500 a week in food orders isn’t enough for him.

What should I do? Let it just slide, or what would you do about this?

Check and see if Roma has an online ordering system so you can submit your own order.

$3500 a week is plenty for US foods. Call the company.

I am meeting with a rep today, I have tried the one supplier thing and its just not working,
I want to see what my rep says when his sales are cut in half.
he had told me I was on a holiday schedule ( we were not) so when I went to place my order I was told my route went just as scheduled and I would have to will call my entire order 3000.00, 3 trips

Man, call up the line with that much trouble. ESPECIALLY a no-show I would have called a supervisor and written a letter to a vice president over that area. That is outrageous, and needs immediate attention. I moved my account for just that same thing happening to me with Roma . . . it happened twice in a row! I am in a lower density area that isn’t a high service priority for some reason.

Make noise and let them know you are discussing the issue with an internationally read professional bulletin board. Lean on them and be honest with how yo are approaching it. You might get someone’s attention.

We had the same kinds of issues with Roma. We got a new rep and never met him after 18 months he would just call. When we switched to US foods we finally met him.

Great prices terrible service. ALWAYS a wrong item sent on truck. 3 No shows in 18 months.

Try calling the supervisor but really it won’t help.

US foods great service higher prices. What is most important to you?


We do online ordering with Reinhart Foodservice. I have a 2pm order cut-off. If my order is not in by 1:40pm(which it usually isn’t) they call to remind me.

We have a fantastic driver that practically puts everything away for us and is always happy and in a good mood.

I’ve been using them for almost three years now and they’ve only made a handful of errors. One of the errors was leaving a huge box of individually wrapped 16oz chocolate chip cookies. :lol:

Good service and good prices are both important to me. I can’t waste my time on making an order only to not have it show up. I have 3 suppliers that come on 3 separate days. I order products from them on the basis of cost but my butt is covered if someone outs me or shorts an item. Although a couple of times I’ve complained about a mistake my rep mis ordered and they made him come to the warehouse and bring me the right stuff. That was Sysco.