food prices out of control!!!

OK, I get it that cheese and flour are going up and tomatoes may or may not be available. But, in the last month, our prices for sub rolls, bacon, chicken wings, and believe it or not, Parsley have gone up an average of 20%. This is insane - has anyone else seen this or is it a personal problem??

We use Roma Foods - is there another vendor anyone knows of we can use? We’ve tried US Foods, but they don’t carry a lot of what we need and the quality isn’t as good. Honeycutt is great for fresh veggies but not much else. Any ideas?

What are you paying for your Items?

As of Today , i am paying $3/ lb for Grande Whole Milk Mozzarella. $21- 50# bag of Flour. $22 Full Red Pizza Sauce. $1.80/lb Pepperoni,

I see there is a Restaurant Depot opening up in Charlotte soon. You can get some real savings if you go there.

Prices are going up on everything. It doesn’t surprise me anymore. Maybe there is a local distributor that you can deal with. I would talk to some other businesses in the area and see who they’re using.

When looking for distributors, this is what I did… I started being the driver for the morning shift just so I could drive past the other shops all day long to see who they are using. 99% of the time the trucks have their logo and phone # on there 8)

and this is why I have 6 diffrent distributors :lol:

Diesel is a good buck more than unleaded and all this stuff gets shipped on semis. When you figure that Iowa is under water and it’s probably just going to go south, you’ve got ruined crops (lots of corn), etc. The tomato scare HOPEFULLY will make canned tomato prices drop through the floor. They cook 'em, so they’re completely safe. The supply is mostly unusable, so it should be selling for next to nothing.

Unfortunately, if I’m right about canned tomatoes, the premium brands are in for a very painful ride. It’s my understanding that Stanislaus uses tomatoes that either they grow or have contracts with local growers. Since California tomatoes are supposedly cleared for eating, they might be facing HIGHER tomato prices.

I talked to a food truck driver a little while back…They travel in to our area a couple times a week…It is 200 miles from warehouse to 1st stop and then they have 30 plus deliveries over another 100 mile circle route…Then 200 miles back home…Most trips the truck is less than 1/2 full…This can not be a very cost efficient system and those costs are being passed on…As their costs increase more folks are finding “cash and carries” which do not have anywhere near the delivery costs built in to their prices…I can see some of the tradition food service brokers stopping deliveries or going broke…

plus this global warming nonsesne…people are brewing food usually feed to animals into alcohol to burn…but it costs 3 times as much increases all food prices and still produces co2