Food Reps

My food rep stopped in today for our weekly chat and “how are things going?” conversation. I mentioned I had a couple schools lined up for “teacher days” that should be a nice bump a couple times a week. He asked me if I had ever considered getting on the rotation at the local high school (about a thousand students) for serving pizzas during lunch. I’ve heard about this a couple times and know it’s something I should be working on, but I told him it’s one of those things that I don’t know who to talk to to even get going in the right direction and it’s just one of the many things I can’t seem to get done during the day. He suggested someone to talk to that he knew with the school district and left me the guys phone number.

Here’s where it get’s good. He calls me about an hour later and says: Hey, I know how busy you are, so I went and talked to the school district for you. Call Ms. X at XXXX-XXXX on Monday to get everything finalized and you should get one or two days a week next school year.

I was stunned. He’s a good guy, but I’ve never had someone who so clearly understands that the more successful I am, the more successful he will be.

thqt is totally great. It took me 2 years to find a good rep like the one you told us about…where are ya located again and what distributor you using? I can’t tell you how much it burned my rear to write a 2000+ check each week to a company that doesn’t give a dam about you…a good rep takes the sting out of it

I am dealing with this exact issue. The rep admitted to my Ops Manager that she ignores my calls.

Daddio, that’d make me determined to call her my FORMER rep! :wink:

I’m using EVCO which operates mostly in Eastern Kansas.

That’s why I thought I’d share my experience this week. I’ve seen a lot of comments on how bad some reps can be, thought I’d show that there are some good people out there and we can expect them to go above and beyond…we are paying them after all.

“The rep admitted to my Ops Manager that she ignores my calls”

I would suggest that you tell the company you want a different rep. I don’t know where you are located, but in our town each of the big vendors (Sysco and US Food) has 3-4 reps. We had some trouble with our Sysco rep a year ago. I directed my mananger to order nothing what-so-ever from them for 30 days. At that point the rep contacted me (not easy to do since I am rarely in the store) and asked what was up. I told him that I was unhappy with him. He asked if I would like a different rep. He was very professional and correct about it. We now have a new rep that listens.