food service vendors

Does anyone have experience with Cheney Brothers? Does anyone love their food service/distibutor? Has anyone done any cost comparisons?


not with Cheney Bros, specifically, but I cost compare all the time, literally. Rarely a week goes by that I’m not shopping something. It sounds strange, but being a 2 shop operation and wanting/needing to watch every penny makes this necessary. We currently buy from 7 primary food/goods purveyors, 2 meat companies, produce, dairy, and several different beer/wine/soft drink vendors. Not to mention paper and sanitary supplies.

It takes a lot to keep all this straight, but the system is in place and it works. Our vendors know what we’re all about, and we keep as up front with them as possible, and ask that they do the same.

Thanks so much…of the big food service companies are there and "standouts’ that seemed to be generally cheaper on most items. We are looking to deal with only one company to keep things simple.

Thanks so much, Danielle

Start with Roma Foods. They should have MOST of what you need. Of course, there’s always Sysco :(.

Roma certainly is the biggest, and will have almost anything, for pizza specifically.

I can’t say their prices are always better, or even close. They react fast to cheese fluctuations, since they are so big and sell so much from every warehouse, so their price will go up first, but maybe not as far as some others. Maybe.

we tell all the vendors what our needs are, and that we will react to price differences when it’s to our advantage. .03/lb for cheese or almost anything isn’t that big a deal; .10/lb is. I just ordered cheese from 5 different vendors this morning, ranging from $1.56 to $1.75/lb The most expensive is a small local vendor who helps out in a pinch–he’ll go in on a Sunday and get something for us if we need. He knows exactly what we do with our pricing dealings, and while we realize he needs to make a fair price for his product, we can’t always justify that cost. We do split meats and cheeses between him and others; at least the overall food cost is a bit lower than getting it all from the one local place.

You don’t have any leverage if you only use one vendor. Just a thought!


Roma has their own cheese plant and moves a LOT of cheese, that’s why they are so fast to react to price increases. But I have found that they react to price DECREASES also.

I work for CBI. Can I help you?