food stamps

heres my delima i get several cust a week asking to accept the food cards (food stamps) i looked into with the state it is do able bunch of paperwork inspections etc. the convenice stores around me that make frozen pizza do it . i guess to me its kinda a ethics issue do i want to make the cash yes but im anti big goverment and feel the less i have to do with big brother the better i am, i just hate to open the pandora box anyone out there doing this pros cons etc. :roll:

I have not seen it done in any pizza joints around me. My uncle (who owns 5-7 pizza stores says he never will. 4 customers a week still wouldn’t be worth his or his accountants hourly pay after all your upfront costs.

On another note. I thought food stamps were only good for non prepared foods. (read: not ready to eat.)

just my .01

(My opinion isn’t worth 2 cents yet.)

I understand you can accept food stamps for take n bake but not baked pizza.
Assume it is the uncooked thing.

It is against the law to accept food stamps/access card in a pizza shop.The only way it work is w/ take and bake they have to cook it themselves.They cannot buy take-out foods w/ it.They are doing a big sting here in Philly because many pizza/grocery stores are doing it and acting like its a grocery item.Be very careful!


If I’m not mistaken I believe she is a take and bake place, I would think it would be very profitable to you to take food stamps, we have a papa murphys here and they have always taken them.

we are not a take n bake but we could be! i would not do it for just a few people i would really market it. for the masses lot of people up here on them would have to do some research on the take n bakes how to make them.

need any take-n-bake info just pm me.

Personally I wouldn’t do it. Food stamps are meant to help people buy groceries. Pizza is a luxury item and if you don’t have money to buy food to put in the fridge, the food stamps shouldn’t be spent on pizza. Unless, it’s from the grocery store.

My personal ethics would conflict me. I am leaning your way, ADPizzaGuy. I am also torn with the thought that it may be the only way some families in town can have an occasional luxury in their challenged lives.

All that said, it is not a business decision I personally would make given the added expense and governmental accountability involved. I believe that the added revenue stream would not be worth the hassle and expense. . . . I could be wrong, but I’ll just let the Take-n-Bakers have that one.

Domino’s Pizza took food stamps in some of it’s inner city stores in Jackson, MS if I’m not mistaken a decade or so ago. They had to get permission from the franchisee and franchisor before they could pursue this route but got it approved.

Of course, with food stamps, the pizza cannot be cooked so yours would have to be a take-n-bake operation for this purpose. However, if you can get everything approved and get the word out you will definitely attract a different demographic that you probably don’t get now.


P.S. Those Domino’s stores in Jackson, MS had sales increases well into the double digits when they went to food stamps.

My personal ethics would conflict me. I am leaning your way, ADPizzaGuy. I am also torn with the thought that it may be the only way some families in town can have an occasional luxury in their challenged lives.quote]

I agree its a moral dilemma but then I am reminded of my father’s banterings while growing up in the pork store biz that those people need to work- period!

It has put such a dent in my mind that I think anyone on food stamps is taking the easy way out so therefore, NO PIZZA UNTIL YOU WORK!! :wink:

so therefore, NO PIZZA UNTIL YOU WORK!! :wink:[/quote]

The Seinfeld soup nazi has been resurrected as the pizza nazi :lol:


do you realize that you do not need to be unemployed to qualify for food stamps??? a single person working full time trying to support there kids, working minimum wage could qualify for food stamps, and what exactly is wrong with that?? I realize there are many people that abuse the system, but seems as those people forget there are many that don’t and just need a little help to get through life. as my husband says, pizza covers all food groups, so its the perfect meal!!! so why not let them use there food stamps to buy a take and bake pizza.

well i appreciate all the comments i going to think it over for awhile i relize that some people will abuse it but what about the kids that get junk food at home because the parents are just to lazy to cook and feed there kids nothin but chicken nuggets tv dinners hot dogs box mac and cheese etc. if i did it i would hope the kids would benifit from it. we dont pick our parents !!! i have familys that come in that work hard but just dont have any extra money and its a big thing for them to get a large pepperoni pie every few weeks and i always give the kids a little treat you would think they hit the jackpot so if i do it it would be in the hopes of helping the ones that truly need it so they could get a nice meal for a change. and of course we could make a little money to :lol:

the gas station close by me does hunts brothers pizza. they sell them on food stamps in a raw state then offer to bake them free of charge. Getting around the law if you ask me. when i worked at a supermarket deli we could not sell hot food out of the deli case, but could package the same food and put in our cold case and they could then buy it on food stamps.