Food warmers/thermalizers or steam table??

We have quite a few sauces that we need to keep hot. Red sauce, marinara, au jus, cheddar cheese sauce. Currently we are using 2 big food warmers that are heat n serve and 6” deep 1/3 size pans. Each warmer can fit 4-1/3 size pans and we max these out every day. Problem I am having is these warmers don’t last very long and find myself having to replace them once a year it seems. Plus they take out much needed outlet space. Was thinking about converting to a gas steam table which would help speed up the flow as well because the warmers are raised and no extra prep space. With steam table they would have a little counter top space. Just trying to find out my best option, either electric or gas steam table. And then open or enclosed well. Any insight would be appreciated.

Sounds like its just a matter of comparing costs – electric vs gas. Install new outlets or run a new gas line. I don’t think a warming table is any where near as expensive to run as an electric oven so your build-out cost (plus equipment) may be the deciding factor.

Countertop food warmers should last you longer than a year. I believe we got about 5 or 6 out of our last one and they are cheap to replace anyway. And you can always have more outlets installed.