Foodies are Crazy People

An article came out in the paper this week about our shop and we have just been going gang busters ever since. I didn’t even think people read newspapers anymore, let alone the “Life” section, but everywhere my wife or I go we have been getting feedback from it – school, my auto mechanic, little league, bars we deliver to at night. We’ve had other articles in magazines and smaller papers before but I am just amazed at the buzz this has brought about.

Seems to be a lot of value in connecting with “foodies” out there. Many came in with the article in hand and ordered the same items mentioned. They would sit down and just keep asking questions during their whole stay. We serve a premium, heavily topped pie and had been considering offering a second line of pies with lighter portions at a lower price point. Our neighborhood demographics are not the best for our current price point but its nice to see there are people out there who do appreciate something special. Can’t wait to get our dining room next year!

My only regret/wish is that this article had not come out until next week after this Halloween buzz.

Congrats! It will last a couple of weeks, had the same people give my place a nice review last year. The first weekend after the article came out was super crazy, caught us all by surprise. Had people coming in from places like West Covina, Long Beach and a few other far away cities. The "food frenzy’ people are all great! Again congrats on your review, Tim.