foodler,grubhud ect

Hello everyone, i want to re-ask same question that been asked a few years go,cause i am sure alot has changed.i am buying a store that uses grub hub.they charge 10% for their service(which i think is alot) but we get about 30% of business thru them.i want to star online ordering from our own webpage to save money(last month we paid them 1300 and some change, but according to my partner sites like grub hub and foodler is the way of the futureand if i cancel it it will hurt business more than i think. my partner opened a new store and put in foodler there- without any mailing menus a store which is only 3 months old does about 20k a week already.foodler bring about 50% of that business.what are thought.thanx

I think ordering online and in particular ordering from mobile platforms is certainly trending upward right now and is probably not only the wave of the future but an important piece now. However, I don’t know enough about these particular services to know if you need to be paying those huge amounts.

My theory always has been to focus on our own online ordering system, which for us is generating 20-30% of our orders with a significantly less monthly cost (around $70 and fixed), but I would be hard pressed to mess with something that is bringing in 30%-50% of our business…

Is this in a campus market that you are getting these kinds of numbers or residential or?

All we have a ton of rentees so i think some of them are just passing by customers who somehow heard about us but since we put all the orders into POS i noticed a ton of regular customers who only order thru grub hub and almost never thru the what i thought if all of those customers still order thru our online system i will be very happy but from what i understand grub hub and foodler give customers dollar points for each purchase they can use towards any purchase or service thru their system so according to my partner this is the main reason why people prefer those online providers.

Any reason your partner went with foodler rather than grub hub for the new location?

They actually have both but foodler gives about 45-50% of their business now when grub hub only gets 3-5 orders a day… here in quincy we get upto 30 orders a day from grub hub.

I hate grubhub! but here in Chicago it is a necessary evil. and 10% is cheap! we pay $5 and order flat fee. with the minimum order being $15…33%…most restaurants use them here and yes even regular customers of mine always order through grubhub. I combat it by putting flyers on all the grubhub, foodler, seamless, orders that offer free lunch delivery, lower minimum orders and the ability to use coupons if they order through our website but still people don’t change.

I never heard about those online ordering cervices until i got to this store and here in quincy EVERY food establishment has atleast one of them if not all of them…

I did a search here in Detroit to see what other competitors might be using the sites and I found nothing on Foodler and only a few on Grubhub. It appeared that the sites had better support in East Coast cities, in particular Boston…I assume Quincy is in Massachusetts? I also know that there is a wider audience in Chicago from friends that lived there and I know a lot of co-workers in Ann Arbor (University Of Michigan country) that use Grubhub. I think the traffic these sites can generate for you can depend heavily on the region and it sounds like possibly the fees vary as well based TGuag post.

Yeap- quincy is just south of boston.previous owners were charged 15% but when we took over we negotiated the fee to be at 10% and they wouldnt go any lower.