Foot Traffic Idea, anyone considering or using these?

I was doing some franchise research online and ran across DVD kiosking.

My message isnt spam, I am serious. Anyone using a DVD rental kiosk in your lobby? I think it has tremendous upsell potential and I imagine that the larger players will eventually offer this as a “pizza/dvd combo” advertisment. It could be a huge profit center, think about it. People sign up for a DVD rental account, they call on the phone and rent a DVD, the delivery driver brings the reciept and pizza, the people bring BACK the DVD and you have potential for another sale.

Add that you could include a coupon with the DVD useable within a short period of time…even if people are dropping off a DVD or renting one, getting people into your establishment HAS to be a good thing.

I am considering how I could do this and what my ROR would be given the investment.

I doubt many are doing it, but if you are or have thoughts I would like to hear it!


i think good idea

There are two self-contained Kiosk places in operation with a model of stocking the machines with movies, and customer swipes credit card to rent the DVD for $1 a night plus tax. They are in grocery stores here, and the other company is in McD’s. I sent emails to both comapnies about 6 weeks ago and no one had the decency to tell me to bug off. I think they are fools to miss our market, but they weren’t impressed by me.

Any of the $1.2 million a year guys wanna try? I can hunt them up again if interest is there. They are a newish concept, and equipment is not plentiful, I would guess.

I think “Pizza and a Movie” is brilliant. They even have some expiring discs you can use as cup toppers somewhere in the marketplace.

i am very interested.sounds like a winning combo

Here is what I have in my notes:

REDBOX is one of the ones who never got back to me. They seem to be very regional and not real spread out yet.

The New Release is the other that did not respond. Primarlity focused on supermarkets right now.

Hope something comes of it so we can all cash in . . . I wante dot be an early adopter, but they wouldn’t share their toys :frowning:

thx nick.

I see there is interest so I will share my research (I made the thread)

Redbox aint going to franchise or sell anything…they are going for the big fish…McDs etc…so dont worry about them.

I couldnt list a link since I am not a member…but just go search on google for DVD franchising, you will find plenty.

My suggestion is find the best price combo that gives support and makes sense…think of the marketing possibilities, the foot traffic, the cross selling, you can tailor it however you want. I even read an unlimited rental per month deal…think of that…being Netflix with an in-store drop off. I have to think the residual sales you would get is huge…and couponing, advertising…

I PROMISE you that this will be seen in the larger chains like Hut and Johns, its just a matter of time…

Seems like a very good idea. Why not one of us, PMQ thinktank members starts a brand new concept. I think ppl will presign. I would.