Football season is upon us for the school next week. Now that I’m in my new location just 3 minutes from the school. At the old location I prebaked the crust then dressed them when the school called for a quantity, was pretty smooth but crust texture was different on finished product. being that we are 500 times busier, I tried just skinning out the dough saucing and adding cheese, but the bottoms did not cook, had to pull off screens to brown bottoms. Any suggestions

I have found that saucing and cheesing the skins never really put out a good product. Now we just pre-stretch a couple racks of skins and they just wait in our walk-in until just before use. We pull them and let them come closer to room temp before dressing and baking. I don’t know what style of pizza you cook, but that is what we do. NY style with a Lincoln impingement oven.

I have a bakerspride dbl deck stone oven. the last 2 yrs we have done the concession stand, we always seem to get backed up, I can only imagine what it will be like this yr knowing how busy we are now what its ggoing to be like come next week.

I would get a used lincoln electric impinger and put it in the concession stand and bake the pizza right there.

We do the same thing for our school. Ours is a sheeted dough though and it holds up better to being made a little ahead of time. About an hour before we are ready to bake, we sauce, cheese and pepperoni them. Then we box and stack them in the walk in. I think the thinner, sheeted crust gives us more leeway. I’m going to have to figure out a new system if I get switched over to hand tossed in the future.


“bodegahwy, post: 101731, member: 1624”]I would get a used lincoln electric impinger and put it in the concession stand and bake the pizza right there.

We dont sell the pizzas, the parents do, all we do is make and deliver to concession stand

We had to do the same thing for the elementary school they needed pizzas for a carnival they were doing at the end of the school year. They let us know ahead of time what pizzas they wanted at what time maybe you can get some sort of schedule from them and then i would just tell you start cooking the pizzas way earlier than you think you need to and just keep them hot on top of your oven. Give yourself some buffer room this is the only thing that works for us here in order to do big orders for events and handle regular customers. We currently run lincoln impinger 1000s double stack and they are slow. We keep the pizzas on top of the oven till they are ready to go havent had any complaints. Not sure how many pizzas you have to do but a couple of our orders we recently did where one was for 80 pizzas and the other was 100 and that was they only way it was going to happen without making anything late. But do presheet your skins so at least you have that out of the way that in itself is a big time saver.

Presheeting is how we normally did it at the old location, But going to have to h etc at least 50-100 more extra screens, we are literally 500 times busier here at new location just with regular orders. Im praying things go smoothly.
They normally order ahead of time a certain quantity and give us a delivery time, but it always fails because they are always calling for more just as I’m leaving the parking lot, so I will probably make extra and take with me for their normal count. Usually on homecoming night they have ordered like 250-300 pizzas plus like 40 large pans of bread sticks

I would tell you to have an extra set of hands on board for that order some one person can concentrate on the big order and the other on regular customers. You dont want regulars slipping through your fingers because they have to wait. or if you know roughly what they are going to order i would just start making them without waiting for them to tell you.

Oh trust me I have a Full crew on deck now. Since I reopened I have 2 people on every station, thursday thru Saturday night because the phones never stop ringing until like 930pm.
They have a standard order all pizzas are pepperoni. So I already know ahead of time, they come in and prepay for the order 3 days in advance. I have already made it a practice to start making them like a hour and 1/2 prior to delivery, this is are 3rd yr of doing the school, just different now that we are extremely slammed from 4 o’clock on

Oh thats easy peasy then i would just make them way ahead of time and just have them ready to go before they even need them.

Wow. That many in a deck oven? We usually do about 30-35 for our games. Good luck!