For Fun - Top 10 Movies with Pizza Scenes

I created a top 10 list for my blog, but before you look at my list, what are your favorite movies with pizza scenes in them?

I’ll give you a hint, my #1 is a classic starring Sean Penn.

Heh…you’re forgetting my favorite. Remember Super Mario Bros. from 1993? One of my favorite films ever, just because of how ridiculously awesome it is. And because King Koopa is Dennis Hopper.

Pizza Delivery Man: Python Pizza here, may I help you?
King Koopa: King Koopa here.
Pizza Delivery Man: Oh, yes sir.
King Koopa: I’d like the Koopa Special.
Pizza Delivery Man: Pterodactyl tail on that?
King Koopa: Yes. Dino, lizard, hold the mammal, no worms… and, uh, spicy.

And as the film comes to its conclusion…

King Koopa has a weapon aimed at the Mario Bros. in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other.
King Koopa: Too late, humans!
Pizza Delivery Man: [Over walkie-talkie] Sir, your pizza’s here.
King Koopa: Not now!

Lovely stuff. Anybody see the IFC movie “Pizza” with washed up Ethan Embry from Can’t Hardly Wait?

do the right thing… a spike lee movie, great pizza theme

I totally agree, #6 on my list and I almost put it even higher.

I actually saw Super Mario Brothers in the theater when it came out, I don’t recall the pizza scene. Thanks for the suggestion.

Fast times at ridgemont high

Exactly, where Mr. Hand made Spicoli share with the class!

my daughter would have to vote for “Barnyard” pizza delivery scene

I Love You to Death–Kevin Kline & Tracy Ullman
funny and pizza based