? for my American neighbours

Ok, just because I am already in a crappy mood, poop will befall me all day! So situation is this. Just had a couple of “working” girls come in and try to pay for a 9 dollar purchase with an American $50 bill, seeing as they didnt look to “right” to me. I told them I dont take American money. (remember im canadian). So they paid with credit card, great, probably stolen. But they only got a few cents worth of product. Better than to loose 40 bucks of cash. Anyway, What i want to know. Is how do you tell conterfit money down south. I know the indicators with our money, but could you give me a few tips? I dont want to NOT take it, if I can. But, I just can’t take the risk. Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanx for your help.

If you hold the bill up to a light and look through it. The bills have a water mark of the past president’s. I believe it is on the right hand side.

Thanx Scott I appreciate it.

http://www.frbatlanta.org/dac_invoke.cf … splay_body

Pay close attention to the watermark as well as the security thread. Keep in mind the security thread is not in the same place for all denominations. Hold the bill up to the light and you’ll see it on legit bills.

Something else we use for the larger bills is a counterfeit detection marker. In the US, you buy them at Officemax:

http://www.officemax.com/omax/catalog/p … ounterfeit^region~1^prodPage~10&searchString=counterfeit&category_Id=null

Not sure if you can buy them in Canada. But possibly on Ebay.

ohhh isn’t that the worst…knowing you are being taken. A couple of weeks ago had a couple come in and order 60 bucks worth of food, they paid by check…comes back closed account. I knew it when I was cashing them out it would be a bad check…arghhhhh makes me want to stop taking them!


Another important clue is the color shifting ink on the number in the lower right corner. Hold a bill, $10 or larger flat in front of you, face up. While looking at the number inthe lower left corner tilt the top of the bill away from you. The color of the number should change from green to a dark grey, except the newer bills have color, but they still change.

Our bank recently got stuck with some hundreds that were fake, they passed all the other tests, counterfiet marker, watermark etc. I saw one. I would have taken it. The only thing they couldn’t fake was the color shifting ink.