For Sale: Dynamic Dynacube dicer/slicer

I have this for sale. Asking $250 shipped. Perfect condition, works AWESOME. Saves a ton of time with green peppers and onions (especially onions hehe). Mine has the 1/4" grid.

Heres a little info:

Cubes, Sticks or Slices consistently

This manual kitchen tool, practical and easy to use; ideal to cut vegetables in cubes, sticks or even slices, quickly and efficiently, in three different sizes and in total safety. All vegetables, dry cheese and also some cooked meat. It also does a wonderful job with soft vegetables like tomatoes, Few turns of the handle and home made Salsa will be on your menu!

Dynacube allows 3 types or preparation:

For dicing use both grids and bottom cutter blade

For juliennes use both grids and remove bottom cutter blade

For slicing use the upper grid only

Comes in your choice of the following grid sets: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Easy insert thru a funnel using a secure vegetable pusher.

Long harm handle for easy operation.

Latches opens the upper cover and gives access to the removable blades and knifes, enabling you to clean the inside parts of the Dynacube.

View video here:

PM me for payment details.