For those of you who are willing to share

I was just wondering for those of you that are willing to share how much you guys gross a year in sales and what your profit margin is, and how much you work and why

Im just looking for ballpark figures here. If you have more than 1 location please say so.

thanks guys

1 location . Pizza & Wings. Dining Room+Delivery+Take-Out. Sales 1.2 Million
I worked for 11 years 60+ hours. This last year I cut my hours down to about 40 hours and only 10 hours
answering the phone and taking orders. I spend alot of time marketing and driving catering sales.Opened when I was
23, the older I get more I learn. Have built a great biz, now it my turn to…

Wow thats great man!!!

We are going it do over a Million this year but i have 2 locations now.

I really really hope we can get up to 2 million but i need to do more marketing to do so!!
Keep up the good work.

We work about 60 hours a week me and my wife each. we are going to cut back to about 30 hours a week and have a life again.

My sales are 850K. One location.
I work 35 hours a week.
Profit margin is 23-25%
It takes a good marketing strategy and a great workforce to get those numbers.

pizza of the month, just wondering but are you delivery/carryout or also have dine in? Also if you do have dine in, roughly how much seating do you have?


wow…just…wow. I’m embarrassed after reading these responses. I know it has a lot do with markets, but I’m nowhere near these numbers. I’ve been feeling a little cocky for a few weeks because instead of seeing the huge drop in sales like last summer, we’ve actually grown since school let out.

I’m curious what every ones market looks like for pizza places (excluding gas stations and whatnot) per household. Our market is 1:1833 but will be 1:1571 when LC opens a store here in the fall. That’s using valid addresses, regardless of occupancy.

One store, over a million in sales. Within a quarter mile of my delivery area which includes 28,000 addresses I have:
4 Dominos plust one in the food court of a college
2 Papa Johns
2 Pizza Huts
3 Hungry Howies
2 Pizza Vitos
1 Marcos
1 Gumbys
1 indie pizza only takeout and delivery
1 indie pizza only takeout and dine in
1 Indie dine in/takeout that is mostly pizza but offers some Italian entrees
1 indie that does deliver and sells a good split of pizza and Italian entrees
1 indie that does not deliver that sells a few pizza amongst its huge volume of Italian entrees

with my store added in, that’s 1 pizza place for every 1333 addresses. The other thing that makes this market somewhat unique is the number of other concepts that deliver. There is no less than 5 places that deliver wraps, multiple Chinese food delivery, sushi delivery, burger delivery, sub delivery, rice bowl delivery grilled chicken delivery, plus a restaurant delivery service that delivers for over 60 restaurants.

We are open 6 days a week.
We have dine in (32 seats), carryout, and a drive thru. I operate in a town of 2800 people and 1 other pizzeria.
Our menu includes a sheet pizza (18X26), thin cust round pizza, stromboli’s, subs, salads, two desserts, and two appetizers all made from scratch every day. We go through 20-25 50# bags of flour a week.

We’ve just finished our 3rd year. Projected eoy (2010) sales are 750K. Projected profit margin about 35-38%. I’m in the store about 20-40 hours/week more or less as needed. First 2 years operated at a loss. First profit last year. Busiest month about 150K, slowest month about 17K.

Got suckered in, then too hard-headed to lose. Good luck.


Can you please explain to us why your sales varey so much?

17k to 150k is beyond emense…

we go up and down from like 35-45k but no more than that ever…

thats amazing


I’m more of a seasonal/tourist location. June and July are HEAVY.

Ahh, i should have figured we have a store in our franchise like that but its 40 in the winter and 100 in the summer months