For those that opened on Easter

Was it worth it ?

What % of your normal Sunday sales did you do ?

We opened at 4pm and I think it was worth it.

We did 43.1% of our average sundays sales and gained 4 new customers.

That last line would make it worth my while right there.

I was not open, but would have liked to be able to be :cry: I did work on the build that day, though.

I was closed caller ID said missed 16 calls. Probably worth the day off. First since christmas. If my dog wouldn’t have woke me, I don’t think I would have gotten out of bed.

Easter week is normally our quietest week of the year.

This year we went 33.6% over last year with Thursday night like a slightly slower Friday - very unexpected, but rewarding. Only 4 staff on instead of usual Friday 8. Ouch it hurt!

All nights were up on last year. Sales for the period were (last year)
Thurs $1950 ($1632)
Good Friday $1484 ($1192)
Sat $1462 ($1260)
Easter Sunday $1053 ($529)
Easter Monday $1438 ($914)

For us this gave an increased sales for the Easter holiday of $1860 over last year which was very pleasing, especially with us doing most nights with reduced staff levels (away for the weekend). This is our last holiday weekend before winter so al ot of people go away, including our casual staff who are mainly schoolies and have to do what their parents say an do.
No problems with me about opening as there was a big customer demand, plus we have horrendous rents to pay ($5.5K per month) so we need to be open as much as we can.


We were very close to a normal Sunday. Had a $200 order going to a grocery store. Dayshift was much busier than usual, very much to my surprise. Dinner rush started very slow, but slowly picked up and late night was about normal for a Sunday.

closed. caller id showed 7 calls

We’ve been going less than a year so our numbers are lower than others’. March averaged $729 on Sunday - we were open normal hours for Easter and did $690. Pretty typical

I also checked Caller-ID and we missed 5 calls. Which just confirms what I already knew… my area is family orientated.

We were up all 4 days Friday Sat and Sun and Monday. So it was worth it for me. I usually take a 4-6 days of right around easter because it is slower then a normal weekend and easier to get away and go visit family.

caller id showed 11 calls. In 20years I have never been opened on Easter but my monday afterwards has always been 3x the norm.