Ford Transit Wrap I Came Across!

Here is a Ford Transit wrap I came across recently…And I do not mean i saw it, however, the image was sent to me…

I looked at one of those but the base unit was priced at $30k before you add the wrap. Too rich for my drivers to take out and have their way with.

Are we supposed to start a thread every time someone comes across pizza vehicle wraps? Cause in that case, doing a simple search I came across a bunch of them. (including your picture which was the very first one)

Looks more like plain ol’ vinyl and some digital print graphics rather than a wrap anyways…

No, Steve. Some of us are too busy trying to figure out if it makes sense to add sun dried tomatoes to our menu and if any of our 23 customers might want to order them… :roll:

ooooh burn… :roll:

Sounds like Steve was a little grouchy.

I hope you’re in a better mood today. :smiley:

Well maybe a little bit :twisted:

But more so just being a smarta$$ as usual :lol:

See what you can do with a Ford Transit…

I am looking at a mini version of the Transit. from Japan. The L=10.5 ft, the w=4.5 ft and the h=5.5 ft. This is what it looks like.