forecasting volume?

First let me say this is a GREAT website, I cannot believe how helpful everyone is. What an awesome group of people, makes me want to open my pizza restaurant more than ever.

Note: My stomach is aching trying to figure this out. Any thoughts and input would be geatly apprreciated. Now for my question: Is there any way to forecast sales volume based on employee count and or traffic count? Here are the facts: Industrial area, no homes for 15 miles or so. There are a couple larger company’s with 24/7 operations, but mostly normal business hours apply. There is a quicki-mark/gas station and a Subway sandwich shop (with no seating.) There are approximately 1,200 employees working 6 days a week and an additional 140 managers (total employees 1,340) All the buildings have lunch rooms, but no food prepared (everyone brown bags it.) In addition, there are appox. 400-600 semi-trucks going in and out of these industrial buildings each day.

I’m trying to get my hands around attempting to forecast volume. All the managers at the various company’s have expressed an interest at having a restaurant. I’m sure they do not like having to drive 15 miles any time they want to leave and have lunch off site. Also, do truckers like pizza v. sandwiches?

Thanks in advance for your input.