Forex and other money scams... have you seen them?

Hi everyone,

thought you guys can shed some light on the topic as I got lost figuring out what is what.

I used to run a few more or less successfull Internet projects in the past… which allowed me to spend time fishing - this is my old time favorite :slight_smile:

But now it seems either I lost the track of things on the Internet or grew too old (lol) for this… so I thought of some Forex stuff… and got scammed by a site that I won’t mention here to not make the bastards public.

Being ripped of isn’t kind of thing I like, so before diving deeper I thought maybe some of you have had experience that you can share with me… maybe some strategies sites that work (and you PERSONALLY tested they work)…

So if there’s anything you know and can recommend, that’ll be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Would you mind dropping your 2 cents mates? :slight_smile:


The three primary strategies in our industry are inxpensive/high volume and higher price point/highest volume we can run and high priced gourmet prioducts.

There are permutations and variants on the big schools, but National economy delivery chains selling $5 pizzas are the 1st school; the vast majority of independent Delco shops are the second . . . . and the trendy gourmet ingredient shops with high price points are the third.

All that siad, if this is a cheesy “ping” to get hard working pizza schlubs to look at your day trading propaganda, then you may be in the entirel;y wrong place.