Forgot to add Yeast!

One of my chefs was mixing the dough today and only realised 5 hours after the dough had been mixed, balled and sheeted that he forgot to put any yeast into it. What can we do with this dough? remix?

Well, it may be more cost effiecient to toss it and make a new batch which would only mean 20$ loss, or throw all the balls in the mixer and add water and mix until softened and then add a scoop or two to keep the water from splashing and then beat on higher mixer speed until smooth, and then add DRY yeast and enough flour to bring it back to dough, but you will have more dough than before and risk inconsistent texture, so like I said before, maybe a toss out and do over.
I successfully did save a batch of dough but only minutes after they were trayed.

Remix a tray or two in with each batch you make over the next two days. Add a bit more yeast to account for the dough you are adding and you should be fine, assuming you are not already maxing out your mixer.