Forgot to put yeast in dough?????

Our manager forgot to put the yeast in the dough yesterday. Is there anything one can due at this stage with 12 trays of downstacked dough that has been in the walkin ofr 24 hours?

Thanks for your input.


There’s nothing you can do to use this dough as is to make pizzas. I would remix two trays of dough with each batch of dough till it is gone. Just scrape the dough with no yeast into the water and mix for a couple minutes before adding flour and such. Just remember you’ll need to use warmer water to have your dough come out of the mixer at the right temperature.

I’d dump it and just make a new batch. Make sure it wont happen again…

I agree! How much does the flour, salt, and sugar cost? Everybody makes mistakes.
How do you forget to put yeast in though? I’m curious about your dough procedures. Do you start it off in water and let it bloom? Or do you mix it with the the flour, dry?

Been there, done that. We’ve all had one, or more of those infamous WOOPS moments.
Not a problem. Just collect all of the dough balls, and allow them to set at room temperature for 2 to 3-hours to warm, then put the dough balls into the mixing bowl and add the specified amount of yeast to the dough (if you are using IDY, just drop it right on top of the dough, no need to prehydrate, but if you are using ADY, you will need to prehydrate as usual. If you are using compressed yeast, just crumple it right onto the dough) then mix the dough at low speed for 5-minutes, and you should be home free.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Make Matza balls.