For those of you with a sit down, how many forks do you go through in a month. Currently I am going through quite a few a month. I am in a college town. I understand some will be stolen and thrown away and that is just the cost of business. What are you guys going losing each month?

I havent figured out a number, but we seem to loose a bunch of forks and cups as well. It just a given that i’ll have to go buy more forks and cups to replace the missing ones about every 4 months or so.

Must be a black market for stolen forks in Kansas

I just found out that one of my old employees would throw them away occasionally so that they wouldnt have to wash them. :x the cups get dropped quite frequently and they break very easily.

I ran across “somewhere” a device that fit across the trash barrel and had 2 or 3 rod magnets that would catch the flatware that were “accidently” tossed overboard. Anyone have any better knowledge of these?

here is one … rom=Search

Some restaurants don’t have trash cans in the dining area. All tables are cleared by the staff so that the utensils cannot be thrown away accidently.

I never would have thought of it either, but I heard the same thing