formula for cheese prices over the block

I am thinking about locking in a cost plus with sysco for nino provolone.
Do you guys know what the formula should be? block price plus ???
My sysco salesman asked me what I thought was fair and I told him that I needed to do some investigation first. ( the think tank )

Let me know what you guys are doing.

If you can stay somewhere in the area of 20 cents to 30 cents over block you’re doing fine. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

I have been open for just a little while and get my provolone for about $2.05 lb. I know its high. I use Stella and just got my local Sams to carry it for about $1.74 and was told it was coming down some from there. So I got back to my supplier and he can sell it to me for the same contract price that a national chain gets it for… around $1.65 lb without a contract. That’s where I thought I should be but now as far as pricing but now I here…

20 cents to 30 cents over block you’re doing fine

Sounds like they can come down a bit more?

I guess my question is, does provolone and mozzarella follow about the same pricing over block?