Forum change

I am the only one who dislikes the new change to the forum (and i am not talking about the xmass overlay, but that does annoy me).

Specifically the massive text under the thread title on the main screen. It makes scrolling thru the forum much harder to read and harder to spot the Thread titles.

I would be interested to get y’alls feedback on this. What if we made the preview text smaller and grey? I realized that some of the titles really didn’t give a good idea of what was being asked, so I was hoping this would save some time.

I like the format, but did miss reading the drivers forum when I started due to us just starting delivery here recently
It was a bit of a battle royale in that section, but I got good insight out of it

I especially like the subtitle wording under the main topic to get an idea of the topic at hand before clicking on it.

This whole forum has helped me greatly, it gives me an idea of pizza trends happening in the real world, and other great stuff.

I think if it was just a few lines, it would not be so bad. The problem i have, is i scan the titles to see if it is something i want to read.

It’s like a classified ad (i am sure most of us remember those right ? lol), i just scan the title and first line, if it is something i am interested in i will read more.

I will see if I can get the preview down to one line. I agree it makes it clunky.

As for the Christmas overlay, it turns out Claudio had added that as a little Xmas surprise! I asked him to take it down through. It was horrendous to navigate the TT from a cellphone with it.

Claudio and I are working on a couple of things to make it easier to find things in the Think Tank. We’ve created the ability to tag threads, for example.

I brought back that Delivery Drivers forum, @GotRocks[/USER]! I also developed some other categories based on looking at lots and lots of posts, what do you guys think? [USER=25]@Daddio[/USER] [USER=41]@royster13[/USER] [USER=1624]@bodegahwy[/USER] [USER=894]@Patriot’sPizza[/USER] [USER=204]@wa dave[/USER] [USER=11335]@tguag Would this many categories be helpful? I am thinking about putting all these on the TT homepage and then creating a stream of most recent posts and new threads which come from all categories.

  1. Think Tank (General)

  2. Marketing / Increasing

  3. Staff Problems and Praise

  4. New to the Pizza Business [/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE=3]5. Financials & Pricing[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]6. Purchasing / Repairing Equipment [/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]7. Dough! and other food questions[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]8. POS, Software, and Technology Discussion[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]9. Delivery Driver Discussion [/SIZE]

I didn’t want to be all hum-buggy, but the overlay did make it harder to navigate. Thanks for removing it. :slight_smile:

I would rather see a more sophisticated search function than all these new categories. I also don’t care about seeing the first line of a thread. Just the headline is fine for me. I would rather see more topics on the first page.

I am with Bodegahwy. Tho i am old school, and i prefer just titles.

I am with Bodegahwy as well. I have changed the way I access the forum to land on New Posts rather than scrolling past all the sub forums.

I have been a part a of a few forums and it has always been said the more complicated it is with sub forums and bells, whistles, and whatnot the less people want to visit. One would think it would be easier with everything organized in sub forums; the inter-webs is a strange and squirrely place…I say follow the K.I.S.S. principle.

I like what I see here today 12/19/14 …where the topic title and the first several words of the posting are included. It’s still simple, while more clear …without the entire post cluttering up the entire page. A compromise worthy of suggestion to Congress.

if only… if only